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Exploit The Gaps

Posted on 28/11/2011

Taking a dynamic new look at call recording can help resellers exploit significant gaps in the market. That’s the view of Paul Burn from Nimans who says the key to success is to “think differently’ and avoid any misguided perceptions of sector saturation.

Nimans’ Head of System Sales says resellers that move away from traditional call recording hotspots can uncover “golden nuggets” of business, based on increased efficiency rather than legal compliance.

“With new system sales continuing to come under pressure, call recording represents an increasingly important revenue alternative,” he highlighted. “In the past many resellers viewed call recording as an addition to a system sale but now it is being embraced as a big ticket item in its own right, where it can be sold to new or existing customers onto whatever system they have, whoever is supplying it. There’s enough sales value for dedicated telemarketing campaigns.”

He continued: “It’s important to understand that call recording is much more than just basic conversation retrieval. It has evolved into areas such as activity and screen monitoring including internet usage. It’s a much more encompassing and wider talking point. For us we want to help resellers spot these kind of opportunities where companies have home workers for example. The market is diversifying into much more than just where a doctor’s surgery has to record calls by law.”

Paul concluded: “Call recording is becoming a key business tool to drive efficiency and enhance internal training. There’s a very big market in respect of existing bases and upgrades. Many of today’s systems have an element of built-in call recording which is great but there’s a danger that resellers then only think of call recording as being suitable for a 300 seat call centre. There’s a big opportunity being missed in the middle.  They should think wider than just doctors and solicitors etc as these type of industries are probably already being very well serviced. There are many untapped opportunities in lots of other sectors based on driving performance and getting more from staff, which in today’s tough economic world is so important.”

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