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Facing Up To Technology Trends

Posted on 17/03/2014

The world of technology continues to evolve; prompting much debate about what areas of the market will die off and be replaced. Almost every day there seems to be a new report or survey about where the industry is heading, much of it based on guess work and predictions. 

I’ve been reading about how the traditional deskphone will apparently be dead within the next decade – replaced by free mobile and PC-based calls. It’s an interesting observation, particularly after the $19bn acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. 

WhatsApp is a messaging application – in many ways a more intuitive experience to sending texts – and there’s now ‘talk’ it’s going to be expanded to allow users to make voice calls as well. Quite what the mobile networks make of this remains to be seen as there are estimations WhatsApp has already cost them $33bn globally in lost text revenue. 

There’s been many questions about why Facebook would pay such a huge amount for WhatsApp when on the surface there currently appears limited revenue opportunities. I use the service myself and over the last nine months I’ve not spent one penny and never seen any annoying ads on there. I’m told that after a year I’ll have to pay a small annual subscription of $1. WhatsApp is forecast to have1 billion worldwide users in the next few years so just imagine how much valuable personal data can be captured, along with those annual payments! 

Another evolving area is the car industry. More collaborative partnerships are taking place between powerhouses such as Apple and Google and auto manufacturers - developing seamless integration between mobile phones and inbuilt audio systems. I wonder what’s next around the corner! 

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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