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Four Factors That Fuel Mobile Momentum

Posted on 20/06/2013

Mobility in the enterprise arena will continue to gather pace and open up new reseller revenue opportunities – based on four key components. 

Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Network Services at Nimans says technology is more accessible, prices are dropping and more palatable payment methods are driving trends based on greater returns on investment. 

“Effectively you can have your desktop on a mobile device. In the current climate I am hearing more stories about higher levels of management being taken out in the enterprise space. This means businesses are trying to sweat more out of the people that remain, seeking higher productivity with less travel using video conferencing for example. Getting more out of what they have got is driving trends,” he pointed out. 

“We are seeing more IT VARS moving into the mobile space. The fact that someone doesn’t sell mobile isn’t as relevant anymore. In the past if you didn’t understand mobile you literally couldn’t get into that space but now you don’t need to understand mobile in the same way because you already have IT expertise. Equally partners such as ourselves make it easy to get onboard. It’s about being a trusted managed service provider. We are a solutions provider that can put together bundled solutions across lots of different areas, providing true mobility on a white label basis.”

Curtis-Wood emphasised: “The key investment has got to be in scalable technology. The biggest challenge I see now especially with traditional mobile guys is asking their customers what they want to make decisions on tomorrow’s technology today. What I mean by this is asking their customers how many iPhones or other specific devices they require. But in six months time the client may need different devices. Resellers should be asking if technology is right for what they need now but also is it going to fit the business in 12 months? 

“The solution would be to only upgrade hardware they need now and put in place a contingency plan to give them a hardware refresh. One thing resellers should be doing is looking at alternative ways of funding this, leasing options for example where they can replace new kit in 12 months time but it’s not costing the client anymore money. 

“Technology has gone full circle. We all used to work in an office environment and then went more mobile with limited access to systems and applications. But now you can have full access to your full desktop functions anywhere. Mobility is only going to increase and it will constantly speed up. What we are seeing in enterprise and SME is adoption rates are becoming much faster because technology is more accessible, price points are dropping and recurring revenue models are making buying decisions a lot easier. Businesses once were told they had to invest say £100,000 upfront CAPEX. Now it will cost them £3,000 per month and technology will save them a lot of money due to new capabilities to do things they never could before.  It’s more palatable based on providing an all-round solution.”

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