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Get Connected

Posted on 12/07/2012

Network connectivity and Next Generation Networks have become key components in today’s data hungry world, opening up a new world of cloud-based and hosted solutions. The challenge for many resellers is how to evolve their business models, protect their customer bases and take advantage of recurring revenue as opposed to upfront one-off payments.

Embracing this mindset and growing recurring income brings many benefits. It helps create more loyal and long term customers as they can be tied into contracts typically between 3-5 years.  There’s increased stability and a more defined long term picture that allows resellers to plan ahead.

But there are several pitfalls. The reality for resellers is that many of the mobile network providers are moving into other arenas such as fixed line, broadband and data. Potentially a reseller risks customer erosion and losing margins.

How resellers work with the mobile networks, engage with them and move forward; protecting and ring fencing their customers are crucial questions. Ultimately who are you going to trust as a trading partner?

At Nimans we have a flourishing Network Services division that specialises in the complete range of connectivity opportunities – from high quality broadband and bundled solutions to SIP, EFM, Ethernet and wholesale mobile. We recognise resellers want a pain free life from a trusted source.

Greater bandwidth and network resilience undoubtedly opens up a dynamic new world. But how best can resellers capitalise? It’s important to think carefully about what your customers are trying to achieve and understand the key technical implications and requirements of different technologies so that the correct access medium is always deployed. Get connected, get on board and take a leap of faith. It’ll be a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans.

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