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Get Smart

Posted on 08/01/2019

Get Smart.

John McKindland, Head of Solutions at Nimans assess the smart office sector

Where are the major opportunities for channel partners when it comes to enabling customers to work more efficiently in the workplace?
There’s little doubt about the impact of Millennials. Look at their home life as a consumer. They may have a games console, use a headset, collaborate online, use social media - and sometimes walk down the street on Facetime. All of these tools are expected in the workplace too. Those vendors that have the ability to put all this together simply, for someone to be a portable mobile worker, have a great advantage.
The key to success is not about products but solutions and how a reseller can bundle a number of different technologies together. With the right platform and the right peripheral people don’t need a desk anymore and can work from anywhere, even at a bus stop if necessary. Thanks to collaboration in the cloud it’s possible to deliver multi device, flexible working based on true mobility. We as a distributor have a responsibility to help a reseller wrap around other products and services and upskill them where necessary.

What kind of cost savings can businesses get across work output but also running costs of a building?
There’s little doubt flexible working increases business productivity. Take our own field-based team of around 50 people. The less time they spend travelling to the office the more customer calls they can make and the more reseller opportunities they are developing. The less desk space that’s required then the cheaper it is for a business to operate too.

Is the SME grasping smart working practises in a significant way, where are the major areas partners can help these type of customers?
There’s a perception in some quarters that you can only sell this type of technology in larger organisations, but that’s definitely not the case. It’s cost effective for even the smallest of businesses and can help deliver a competitive market advantage. The best way a reseller can grasp smart working is to align themselves to a distributor such as Nimans who has access to all the latest product sets.

Is the smart office just one more driver for the cloud technologies across the board?
In general yes because strong and reliable data connectivity provides the platform for everything else – in and out of the office. Technology needs to be with you wherever you are working and communicating.

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