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Gigaset Prize Draw

Gigaset Prize Draw

Purchase a Gigaset Single or Multi Cell and be Entered into a Prize Draw

Gigaset N670 Pro Cell (Code 65549)

The Gigaset N670 IP PRO is the choice for cordless telephony convenience for up to 20 users. Up to 8 parallel calls guarantee a high degree of readiness in a business environment. Calls are secure due to SRTP. Contacts are always at hand on N670’s central phonebook, or can be connected via LDAP, XML. With possibility to create own xhtml applications, users can access and control data relevant for business tasks. N670 is compatible with a large number of on-premise and cloud PBXs and easy to setup by auto provisioning. N670 can grow with a business: By license it can be upgraded to multicell and extended by further base stations to reach a larger DECT coverage area. The Gigaset N870 Integrator software1 offers central management of N670 in different locations.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Up to 20 users / SIP accounts / handsets (via License up to 250)
  • Single cell system (via license up to 250)
  • Up to 8 parallel calls
  • Central management of N670 in different locations by N870 Integrator software
  • LDAP(S) phonebook
  • Professional zero-touch configuration via auto-provisioning
  • IPUI based handset registration
  • uaCSTA support for CTI-integration
  • XHTML applications by customer
  • End-to-end signalling and voice encryption
  • LEDs on front for status and visual power check

Gigaset N870 Multi Cell (Code 63271)

The Gigaset N870 Multicell System is an innovative breakthrough solution that combines base DECT base station and call manager to create a highly scalable yet reliable solution for organisations that need guaranteed mobile communication across sites of any shape or size. Each zone supports up to 250 handsets and 60 simultaneous calls making it ideal for small and medium organisations.

For those companies which go beyond the SMB level, widen the network with multiple zones up to the level of an enterprise, where seamless handover and roaming is applicable in and between all zones. With seamless connectivity with leading IP based on-premise and cloud telephony services, HD audio quality, seamless handover and roaming, the Gigaset N870 Multicell System provides complete coverage across even the most challenging sites. Simple deployment with absolute reliability is key.

Key Features & Benefits

  • One hardware concept, settings define function
  • Gigaset Integrator combines multiple N870 Multicell zones to one large handover and roaming domain
  • Seamless handover and roaming
  • LDAP(S) phonebook
  • Professional zero-touch auto-provisioning setup
  • IPUI based handset registration
  • uaCSTA support for CTI-integration
  • XHTML applications by customer
  • End-to-end call and data encryption
  • LEDs on front for status and visual power check

Each single Multicell installation on one building supports:

  • Up to 250 users / SIP accounts / handsets
  • Up to 60 base stations
  • Up to 60 parallel calls
  • Up to 10 simultaneous calls per base

Prize Reminder

  • One prize draw per month.
    Automatic entry when purchasing Gigaset cell models*

  • All prizes are of similar value.

  • Prize draw dates 8th April / 5th May / 5th June / 8th July / 7th August 2020.

  • Winning Resellers will be contacted on the draw date and where possible a Gigaset representative will deliver the prize in person.

*Purchase one of Gigaset’s N670 Single Cell or N870 Multi Cell products from Nimans and you will be automatically entered into Gigaset’s monthly prize draw for your chance to win:

an iPad or Android Tablet
an SL450A GO design cordless phone and a Rugged outdoor GX290 smartphone

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