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Posted on 14/12/2011

Times may be tough, so it’s important to squeeze the most out of every sale. 2011 was a year full of economic doom and gloom and the next 12 months show little sign of any immediate improvements – certainly if you switch on the TV or read the newspapers.

So the key question for many business owners is what shape will they be in at the end of 2012.  For me one of the best ways forward is to identify key areas of emerging opportunities.

Choice has never been an issue for the communications industry. The challenge has always been when to join the party, be it mobile minutes, hosted solutions, unified comms or The Cloud. Timing and picking the right partner are crucial, but it’s not an easy mandate.

Something we can all look forward to is the London Olympics that should provide the whole country with a much needed boost. Government officials have been busy encouraging businesses to think differently about how they travel, as an estimated three million additional trips will be made on top of the normal 12 million daily journeys throughout the capital. Video Conferencing is being promoted as one of the most tangible alternatives.

Audio and video conferencing are proving very effective ways for our customers to add additional sales, as in a perverse way, the bleaker the economic outlook the easier it becomes to sell. High fuel costs and a desire for businesses to reduce their overheads make it an attractive proposition coupled with quick returns on investment.

The key is to make the most of every opportunity. In the current economic climate there’s a tendency to keep quotes for ‘bigger ticket’ items such as systems to a minimum so resellers can provide the most attractive price and win competitive tenders. Whilst this is understandable it can also be short-sighted as additional items such as headsets are often a vital part of the overall solution.

Ultimately if you are not quoting and selling headsets and other peripheral items such as audio conferencing then someone else is.

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director at Nimans.

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