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Headsets Move On

Posted on 01/07/2013

Distributor Nimans says today’s mobile headset market has moved on rapidly, opening new doors for ‘rich reseller pickings’.

“Standard Bluetooth headsets have been overtaken by sophisticated UC models that combine a host of multi-function features, says Head of Dealer Sales, Tom Maxwell.

“With UC you have the same headset whether you are in the car, office or home. The headset market has moved on tremendously in the last 12 months on the back of UC driving working practices and procedures. Home working is another influential factor.

“Five years ago, a headset would only pair via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. But now you can connect to a laptop, tablet, smartphone or deskphone for example. It’s about integrating lots of different communication devices via one headset. There’s some very clever and innovative technology being developed and this is further accelerating growth: UC and Microsoft optimised products. Prices continue to fall which again is another important consideration, providing more affordable high quality voice solutions.”

Tom pointed out: ““There’s more focus on the ‘last three feet’. Companies can spend millions upgrading their comms systems but they need to ensure their headsets are up to the job.  Without a high performance headset everything can fall apart -voice, data and presence. The headset holds the key to it all because it’s the device that people have to use to communicate via voice.

“Take the Jabra Motion UC for example, that boasts an impressive 15-day battery life and is hailed as the only multiuse headset mobile workers will ever need.

“This device combines motion sensor technology with exceptional audio performance and optimum comfort via a height adjustable speaker. The Jabra Motion UC has a wireless range of up to 100 metres, intuitive call control functionality and NFC (Near Field Communication) compatibility. Jabra have packed this headset with so much cutting edge technology that it’s being heralded as the only headset anyone will need. For example there’s automatic volume adjustment depending on the environment it’s being used in – and a staggering seven ways to answer a call! Battery life is also exceptional.. It’s a great example of just how sophisticated the headset market has become.”

Tom concluded: “A lot of resellers say they don’t sell headsets because there’s no money in it, blaming the internet for reducing margins. However a lot of the big headset manufacturers have recognised this problem and have either set up or in the process of setting up accreditation partner programmes that control who can sell their products. They are trying to support resellers as much as possible. This isn’t going to happen overnight but I’d like to think in 12 months time there will be far more enthusiasm from the majority of resellers to sell many more headsets. It’s en education process. What they thought and what is the reality is, is often far different. My message to resellers is don’t overlook the headset market but embrace new market opportunities.”

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