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In Good Health

Posted on 01/05/2019

John McKindland, Head of Solution Sales at Nimans puts healthcare in the spotlight.

Where is the disruption coming from? Digital Disruption is all around… how is it impacting this particular vertical and how can the Channel react?
Cost savings are increasingly important in this vertical which is enabling further investment in new technologies. It’s a growing sector with more people living longer in care homes etc. Brands such as NEC and Panasonic have some very powerful healthcare solutions which are a step beyond what a normal PBX can do.

Digital disruption has created much more than simple analogue alarm pully systems. It’s about bringing patients and their carers closer together which is another huge driver in efficiencies and better overall care – bringing nurse call systems closer to a PBX and enabling ‘voice’ at the bedside for care givers.

Which products and services are selling well?
NEC’s iCall provides a complete healthcare communication solution for patients, residents and nurses. Integrating nurse call, nurse notification and telephony applications offers a one-stop-solution for every healthcare facility in Acute Cure and Care, Long-Term Care and Assisted Living. It brings ‘voice to the bed’ rather than just a simple alarm system.

Are there new products on the horizon?
GP practices are becoming quite savvy with their telephone systems. Before resellers would rarely deploy call and contact centre software with wallboards etc. But we are now seeing that happening because surgeries want to prove their SLA’s etc. They also want to record calls for triage purposes over the phone. Web integration is becoming more popular too for patients answering a specific set of questions online. It’s all about speeding up the process.

How is the purchasing behaviour of this vertical changing?
Whilst new technology is playing a massive part in healthcare, older generations struggle with some of it, so good old fashioned telephony is still a very important part. In terms of purchasing behaviour, more reseller are asking us to help them with framework documents. A few years ago it was a lot more sporadic. Resellers are now more consultative with us about what’s available to them. They can now pitch for more than one sector of the overall framework. This helps the NHS and other bodies rationalise their supply chains. So resellers are adding enormous value to their customers.

What are the major considerations for partners wanting to enter and succeed in this vertical?
Get on the relevant frameworks and have all your accreditations in place – these are vital. You need to be quite savvy technically to sell into these areas too. There’s some big chunky contracts out there so the rewards can be great for those who invest in their IT skills.

Can you be a generalist or is it essential to specialise in this vertical…why?
For me a degree of being able to specialise and stand out from the competition is important in this sector. There’s a lot of technical skills required and the support of your supply partner realty helps too.

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