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Is Communication Losing Its Voice?

Posted on 13/03/2017

Richard Carter, Director of Channel Sales at Nimans, poses an interesting question……

Has making a voice call lost its crown as the most popular method of communication? Bizarre as it sounds, surveys say that it’s now true.

A decade ago it would have seemed unthinkable but the never ending increase in the daily number of emails, combined with the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and social media; this has triggered an irreversible change in behaviour.

This has wide ramifications for our industry. At Nimans we strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Ten years ago voice calls accounted for eighty percent of customer interactions, with e-mails making up the remainder. But now we are handling over a thousand emails per person each week and this dwarfs voice communication. Web chats are massively increasingly too. Over the years we have had very good analysis of phones calls with volumes, quality and actual recordings all monitored. We do not yet have the same analysis of e-mails since apparently it’s not possible to analyse them in the same way. Data protection simply doesn’t allow it. Basic reports of individual emails sent and received are possible but UC reporting and the law needs to catch up.

There’s still plenty of life in handset sales which rose significantly at Nimans last year. No one is suggesting people will stop making calls but how they are made and their frequency has changed. It’s an opportunity not a threat. But the way we communicate is losing its traditional voice.

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