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It's As Easy As ABC

Posted on 15/10/2012

Nimans has launched a reseller marketing campaign that highlights how easy it is to sell NEC systems and open-up new sales opportunities. Thousands of dealers are being directly targetted with the promotional message: ‘Choosing Nimans and NEC is as easy as ABC.’ 

Nimans says a mixture of margin rich products – such as the SL1100 platform - fast track on boarding and training as well as unrivalled sales and technical support, is proving a compelling combination. 

“We want to spell out how easy and lucrative it is to embrace NEC through Nimans,” says Nimans’ Head of System Sales,Paul Burn. “The SL1100 in particular is a very cost effective and easy route into the market as no formal accreditation is required.

“Here at Nimans we provide exceptional pre and post sales support from a dedicated team that features account managers, fast track training and high quality technical support. Award winning, Better Partnerships and Continual Support; it’s as easy as ABC!” 

Paul concluded: “The SL1100 is NEC’s most reseller-friendly system so far which has been designed to deliver more for less - combining high value with high performance. 

“NEC has invested a great deal of thought into making the SL1100 one of the easiest systems to install, train and ultimately sell in the sub 30 extension market. It’s our job to help resellers make the most of this user-friendly technology ensuring it’s as simple as possible to add it to their portfolios. NEC has taken time to understand the needs of resellers and end users to make using and selling the SL1100 such a painless process. This new campaign reinforces that message.”

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