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Keeping Control Of Collaboration

Posted on 31/05/2013

Maintaining control is the key to driving collaboration, says Paul Burn from Nimans. 

“If you class collaboration as a greater uptake in video then yes there has been more demand and it’s the same with conference bridges based on businesses trying to maximise their equipment probably driven by fuel prices etc,” he explained. 

“Collaboration spans many different pieces of a jigsaw that get tailored for individual requirements. The challenge for a reseller is working out which pieces best fit a customer’s needs and expectations – and how they interact together.” 

Paul continued: “Data security for example will involve a company’s IT department so there are several different areas of a business that have to be considered. As technology develops then the infrastructure develops and therefore IT Managers play an increasingly prominent role. Understandably they want to have the most secure network available. 

“LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are now classed as business tools as well as social solutions. I think charting collaboration trends is often difficult to assess; some areas are easier to monitor than others, a lot of it is anecdotal. 

“There’s no doubt the use of social tools to spread messages is gaining significant momentum. Individuals are now using these tools to pass on core marketing messages. These are still going out via traditional methods but people are becoming their own news generators, using their own interactions to spread the word. It’s done in a very casual and informative way. There’s a lot more routes out there but that can also be slightly dangerous in respect of controlling the message. An individual saying something might not be what a company would want to say.”   

Paul concluded: “Ultimately everyone wants everything to integrate with everything. That’s the current message where end users want different business tools and applications to work together. There’s an expectation for this to happen whereas in the past a phone system, data network and database may have had limited integration. Now companies are demanding it all integrates together whether in the office or at home. Resellers are told to make it happen. 

“I think it is happening but the challenge for a reseller is how to keep control because there may be different partners in charge of various aspects such as IT, voice and infrastructure.  Control is the key to collaboration.”

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