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Leap Of Faith

Posted on 02/09/2011

Take a quantum leap is the message from comms distributor Nimans who say the time has finally come for resellers to take advantage of Next Generation Access solutions and open the door to a brave new world.

Nimans says embracing true convergence requires conviction, foresight, trust and knowledge, as the market continues to evolve and gather further momentum.

“Today, bandwidth is more accessible in terms of cost, whilst connectivity is more stable thanks to products such as EFM (Ethernet First Mile) – providing more resilience, stability and speed (especially uploads) to the market place,” says Nimans’ Richard Carterwho highlighted how the distributor has built-up a specialist team of experts.

“Costs continue to fall. At the moment there’s a massive trend towards deploying SIP trunks; inevitably it’s going to be a huge area to push this year, particularly because the 21CN network is now virtually built,”

He continued: “There’s still a knowledge gap out there which we are working hard to fill. There are lots of resellers looking at transition but they don’t know how. Annexe M, EFM and FTTC are part of a host of phrases that not everyone understands, as there are many ways to accelerate and enhance network capabilities and performance.

“For me it comes down to resellers painting a picture for their customers. It’s about addressing the ‘So What’ factor. How does that relate to me as a business? I think the big bit that everyone seems to be missing at the moment is that they are not understanding what the client needs. In some cases they don’t know themselves.”

He emphasised: “Next Generation Access provides the ability for users to take advantage of some of today’s bandwidth hungry applications. It provides the capability to do more, quicker. It’s important for resellers to think carefully about what their customers are trying to achieve and understand the key technical implications and requirements of different technologies so that the correct access medium is deployed. It can appear to be a minefield and a daunting prospect but don’t be put off.”

Access to trusted partners is key in any transition, according to Richard who emphasised: “The major difference in the market now is that resellers are looking to go from talk to action. There’s been lots of talk in the past about 21CN, Unified Comms and Convergence – all these great buzzwords. We understand that there’s a leap of faith involved. We’ve grasped the nettle and are ideally placed to show others across a wide market – from traditional voice resellers to those who have made the transition to data - and are now moving into UC. We’ve done it and are actually using this technology. We’ve made that quantum leap which sends out a very strong message.”

Richard says consolidation and collaboration are two other important factors for resellers to consider when assessing next generation access options and associated technologies. “This is another key area in the market where there has been a major recent shift.  Big tier 1 carriers which have been around for a long time, some of these are under attack. It’s become a smaller market place although it’s never been easier for a one man band to set up out of his own garage with a laptop to create a business. I think we are also seeing this in our arena where there are some new kids on the block. Resellers like this; it gives them a wider choice, although this has been countered by more consolidation.

“Here at Nimans our philosophy is based on teaming up with the experts in their field – sharing knowledge and expertise rather than trying to re-invent the wheel. We are dealing with multi suppliers at different levels to bring together one solution – reducing the pain. I think ultimately that’s what resellers are looking for. They want a pain free life from a trusted source. Their nervousness is often based around the impact choosing a particular provider will have on their existing client base.

“We could be one-two years away from seeing true revenue streams coming through the Cloud, for example, but it’s like lots of things, if you don’t start now, you will be behind in the race. Timing is crucial, when to take a risk and a bit of a gamble. Nimans is a single source solution provider with a great reputation with strong working relationships already in place. Resellers should join the party. The time is now. Next Generation Access is the next chapter in converged network solutions.”

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