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Leasing Leap

Posted on 11/07/2013

Nimans has experienced a 35% leap in demand for leasing since the start of the year as more resellers unlock their sales potential.

The new financial year, from April, has seen growth continue to climb in the wake of a shortage of credit from banks and other financial institutions.

There are many factors for the rise according to Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales, who says high acceptance rates is also fuelling popularity.

To enthuse resellers and inspire confidence and knowledge, Nimans run regular training courses and webinars – whilst a leasing calculator provides a quick way for them to work out monthly payments.

Nimans has grown leasing by 200% in the last two years and expects these trends to continue. But despite these impressive results Tom concedes that too many resellers are still missing out. “Not everyone is aware of leasing. A lot of resellers should be using leasing but they don’t understand the benefits to them and are frightened to broach the subject with their customers. A reseller offering credit is crucial because if they are not then someone else will be. Cash flow is king to both resellers and customers so a line of credit for capital expenditure of any type is a valued commodity.

“Leasing provides resellers with a stronger cash flow often offsetting the price of the kit against the lease and helping to sell additional products on a regular basis keeping the customer’s outgoings the same.

“It’s a lot more palatable for an end user to buy equipment at hundreds of pounds each month instead of a one-off payment of say £10,000. Generally a reseller will be talking to an IT or comms manager who is really not that interested how equipment gets paid.  It’s the Financial Director. Resellers should make it as easy as possible for their contact to sell it to their finance boss. With leasing additional equipment can be added in further down the line at no extra rental cost.”

Tom concluded: “We make leasing simple and quick. Resellers just send us an e-mail with some basic background details which we can generally approve within five or 10 minutes in most cases. We prepare the documentation and arrange for the transaction to take place within 24 hours. It’s that simple.”

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