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Leasing Lessons From Nimans

Posted on 10/03/2014

Nimans is urging more resellers to learn the lessons of leasing and capture greater levels of business – insisting it’s not a ‘taxing’ process. 

Offsetting payments against Corporation Tax is one of many benefits that can get overlooked, according to Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales at Nimans – who advised more resellers to ‘cash-in’ on leasing and embrace recurring revenue models. 

He told resellers: “Nimans Leasing works with you to help you increase leasing in your business, acting as your Lease Desk and taking the pain away from your team, sorting out proposal acceptances, completing documentation and arranging fast payment to help you move onto your next installation.” 

He says ‘sales aid leasing’ is fast becoming a major factor in any successful sales strategy.  “Adding a lease option with a reputable finance partner to a product can significantly enhance sales and overcome customer’s budget restrictions. 

“You have a great product and a customer who needs that product to expand, but what happens if the customer is not willing to make a large capital investment?” 

He added: “Businesses can use leasing to reduce their tax bill. The Inland Revenue allows them to offset the whole of the lease rentals against corporation tax – which could be 20% each year - which makes the facility incredibly cost effective.” 

Nimans is planning to introduce new training courses over the coming months to help resellers capitalise on leasing opportunities. 

“There are still many who don’t understand the concept of selling on rental, based on recurring revenues which are generally far more palatable and attractive to customers than a cash price,” Maxwell concluded. “Leasing enables businesses to invest in new technologies and boost a reseller’s revenue, enabling them to retain their customer base.”

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