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Lock In Your Customers With Leasing

Posted on 13/08/2014

Nimans has issued a rallying call for more resellers to use leasing to take greater control of their customer bases.

The distributor has its own dedicated leasing division and estimates up to a quarter of resellers (throughout the channel) are missing out on a valuable financial service – a proven way to grow order sizes and overcome price obstacles to a standard sale.

“One of the most important areas that often gets overlooked is how leasing can help resellers ‘lock in’ their customers over a long period of time,” says Head of Dealer Sales, Tom Maxwell. “There’s no worries about cash price discounts that can erode margins and they also have greater control over a customer where they can upgrade or add additional equipment further down the line.”

Nimans has launched an educational marketing campaign to help resellers understand the ‘hassle free’ way they can use leasing to grow their businesses, as Tom concluded:

“There are still a lot of resellers who view elements of leasing as complicated. They don’t want to embrace it and only go after cash deals which very often ends up with a price discount and loss of margins. We offer a free lease desk which takes away all the pain of paperwork and liaising with different lenders etc.

“Many resellers are very good at selling leasing but others are a bit frightened of it, particularly at the end of the deal about who owns the kit. We want to soothe their fears and show them how to remain in control.”

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