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Logistics Engine Ethos Moves Forward

Posted on 13/02/2017

Nimans has officially unveiled a dynamic new reseller support service as its growing status as the ‘logistics engine of the industry’ for IP end points gains further momentum.

The company’s unique ‘cradle to grave’ IP delivery and support solution encompasses ‘Compendium’ a ground breaking auto provisioning and estate management service that enables resellers to capture a bigger slice of the burgeoning UC end point market.

Resellers can access their own virtual warehouse and order any hosted handsets, including Skype for Business (ready to use), as part of a complete end-to-end management service designed to save them significant time and money. In addition they can also move their client’s end points from one hosted provider to another overnight.
Features include:
• Estate Management – including end point ‘Geo Tag’ location tracking
• Remote firmware upgrades
• ‘Health Status’ device tracking
• Fully secure platform
• Buy-back and refresh programmes to reduce the cost of technology investment
• WEEE Disposal

“With the explosion in hosted telephony these are ground-breaking plans designed to make resellers’ lives as easy as possible – so they can capture even greater levels of business,” said Ian Brindle, Nimans’ Head of Conferencing and Telephony Sales. “It’s part of our pursuit to become the logistics engine of the industry. Compendium is a game changer.”

Skype for Business voice deployment is set to rocket by 250% over the coming year with millions more users turning to the technology, according to Ian.

He outlined the massive market potential and explained: “Globally 75m people work from home and there are 600m mobile workers along with one billion office cube spaces. Full collaboration of voice, video and content sharing is the way forward with UC platforms such as Skype for Business revolutionising the way many people work.”

Resellers can take advantage of a ‘bonded warehouse’ facility where stock is stored at Nimans until required. It can be managed remotely by resellers who can also set-up and provision devices themselves or have them delivered direct to customers, ready to be plugged in. The feature rich service also includes firmware updates.

At the heart of the new initiative is an easy to use portal which features a user interface for the creation, modification and monitoring of IP devices. Device status and logging are combined with topology and configuration management solutions from a central resource.

“We are a complete ‘destination’ for UC devices. It’s not just the delivery of that device but the whole journey from start to finish,” Ian concluded.

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