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Looking Ahead

Posted on 08/08/2012

If only resellers had a crystal ball, how much more certain their futures would be. Every week there seems to be a new industry survey that gives us an insight into where we could be heading next.

It wasn’t that long ago that UC was being hailed as the latest global phenomenon - and whilst no one is disputing its impressive impact - steady if unspectacular progress is currently being made.

Many resellers will say they’ve heard it all before and are likely to be sceptical about embracing new technologies too quickly. Steering your business in any new direction can be a tricky affair and just like a great Olympic athlete, timing is crucial. Go too soon and you are taking a gamble but wait too long and you risk getting left behind. It can be a difficult balancing act.

Some of the latest facts and interesting predictions to hit my inbox include a 40% increase in worldwide smartphone sales this year, whilst demand for tablets is expected to increase 200% over the next four years. Over 60% of SMEs are deploying or planning to deploy Apple iPads in the next six months, we are told.

Despite the security risks, bringing our personal devices to work (BYOD) seems here to stay. In a recent study 33% of employees admitted to spending money on their own devices to help with their jobs. It is anticipated that the number of employee owned smartphones and tablets used in the enterprise sector will more than double by 2014 – as their impact seems destined to grow.

It all makes for an interesting if unpredictable future, as nothing is certain. Anyone who still has a Sinclair C5 or a Laserdisc movie player will undoubtedly testify!

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans

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