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Looking Ahead

Posted on 28/11/2013

Market Observations & Trends

“I think 2014 will seecontinued and accelerated moves towards services such as network-based and hosted. We are gathering pace in these areas and will be announcing some major developments in the coming months. We’ve already launched Video as a Service and have a very successful wholesale mobile proposition. 

Hot products and applications

“Hot products for the coming year will be particularly evident around Lync. We are seeing more activity especially in the SMB space, filtering down from mid market and enterprise. Resellers need to be aware of this.

 “Our iQ PBX IP-based platform will be a strong seller and we also expect a new partnership with Phybridge to generate a lot of demand and interest. We’ve teamed up with the IP solution specialist to help resellers take ‘the simple route’ to IP telephony adoption by overcoming traditional barriers and complexities. The innovative products deliver Ethernet and Power over Ethernet over legacy cabling – even old CW1308 cable - with four times the reach of traditional POE switches. They are designed specifically to allow businesses to maximise their existing voice infrastructure and transform it into an IP path with power ideal for IP telephony.”

How are you coping with trends towards cloud based applications and services?

“In terms of cloud-based applications it’s not a question of coping with it, but welcoming and embracing it and helping our customers take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

How are distributors adding value?

“As the industry moves towards cloud-based services it’s important to remember we are in my opinion the largest supplier of related end points. All of these cloud-based services also drive equipment sales as well. The key to adding value is that we have ‘everything connected’. This is our strategy moving forward as encapsulated by the recent launch of our new Voice & Data Book, where everything can be sourced from one place – from kit, to finance to network services, hosted voice and video etc. Resellers can find all the components they need to complete a job from start to finish, backed by a comprehensive service and support structure.”

 Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans

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