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Lync So Far Fails To Ignite The SMB Arena

Posted on 29/04/2014

 Adoption of MS Lync has so far failed to fully excite the SMB arena, according to Richard Carter from Nimans who says the enterprise market is where it’s much better suited and has a greater presence.

“Lync at the moment is very much an enterprise product. Will that change? Only time will tell. There’s quite a lot of traction at the higher end of the market, certainly in terms of the number of end points we are shipping,” says the Group’s Sales and Business Development Director.

“SMB is an area resellers need to keep an eye on but they are currently cautious. They are telling us it doesn’t really stack up as a voice product in terms of its sophistication and feature set, when compared to other solutions.  It’s much better suited to a university or a council where they could be hundreds if not thousands of phone extensions

“Take a Lecturer for example who may have a phone in his office. For the majority of time it’s not used and when it is it’s in a fairly limited and basic way.”

Carter added: “We are not seeing our resellers abandon ship in favour of Lync. That may change in the future dependent on price and feature set but I don’t see it happening at the moment.”

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