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Maintain A Market Advantage

Posted on 29/01/2013

Third party maintenance and support has become the ‘missing ingredient’ for many forward-thinking resellers looking to take their businesses to the next level. 

Distributor Nimans has recruited a growing army of customers since launching a full service proposition several years ago – helping dealers gain a competitive market advantage by opening the door to potentially bigger nuggets of business. 

“Installation is one of the largest growth areas for us as resellers don’t let resource issues get in the way of clinching deals,” said Dealer Sales Director, Tom Maxwell. “In addition we are seeing a lot of orders financed via our leasing division that then need installing - part of a complete package of services we offer.” He continued: “Maintenance contracts are also performing well, generating lots of reoccurring revenue for resellers. Businesses want peace of mind whether that’s for a new system or an older one that they perhaps can’t afford to replace due to economic restrictions.” 

Tom says many components make up a great third party professional services supplier, but the biggest factor is ‘one that can deliver’. He emphasised: “They also have to control their staff, be competitively priced and ultimately become a trusted extension of a reseller’s own business. The ability to take ownership is crucial to become a true white label resource.”

Distributors are the ideal partner according to Tom.  “We are brand agnostic and can offer a wide range of brands and support services that help add value to any sale.”

He says third party support is particularly attractive for smaller resellers because they tend to have more resource limitations and geographical restrictions. He believes that no matter what size of dealer operation, resource restraints should not hamper sales potential.

“Some smaller resellers can be restricted in selling because they haven’t always got the manpower to deliver what customers require – and this reduces larger sales opportunities. We know of dealers that are purely sales-based and rely completely on third party maintenance which works very effectively for them.”

Nimans’ On-Site Services division provides resellers with UK-wide access to installation, maintenance and professional services such as project management - as part of a total support strategy.

Tom emphasised: “A lot of start-up companies know they have the skills and confidence to sell but they are often less well equipped to service and maintain equipment further down the line. That’s where a third party option ticks all the boxes. We can even go and support a reseller to help clinch a contract on a pre-sales basis. It comes down to building productive partnerships.”

Nimans’ service acts as a valuable extension to a reseller’s own work force – providing them with an invisible support structure to take advantage of new business opportunities across the SMB and enterprise arenas. Many major brands are covered including some not sold by Nimans.

Tom concluded: “Last minute rush jobs, without a lot of forward planning can also be accommodated. Using third party services doesn’t have to be spread over the long term. It’s a very flexible solution. The big benefit to resellers is that they realise they have available resource on tap.

“Financially a third party approach is a very appealing concept, especially when compared to the average salary of an engineer. Equally you are under pressure to keep that person busy to get your returns. With a third party service you don’t have that problem. There’s much more flexibility.”

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