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Mobile Is The Missing Piece In Connectivity Puzzle

Posted on 31/05/2012

Moving into mobile can help resellers take greater control of their businesses, protect revenue streams and inspire long term growth. With the advent of ‘super fast’ 4G technology there’s never been a more opportune time to ‘grasp the mobile nettle’.

Distributor Nimans works in partnership with O2 and says wholesale mobile minutes offer resellers many advantages to grow their businesses.

“It’s not good burying your head in the sand,” says Nimans’ Head of Networks, Mark Curtis-Wood. “The reality for resellers is that many of the networks are moving into other arenas such as fixed line, broadband and data. Potentially a reseller risks customer erosion and losing margins.”

He continued: “Wholesale gives them complete control so that they can bill under their own name and retain client ownership. In most cases a traditional mobile deal runs for around two years so a reseller may not even become aware of any problems until further down the line, when all of a sudden a customer drifts away.

“Right now in terms of the convergence of network technology, mobile is becoming a dominant force. Resellers need to accept this and understand the potential erosion risks of their base. The only way to prevent it is to take total ownership of your base. Wholesale answers this criteria. It’s about becoming a truly converged provider – going on the front foot and being proactive rather than running the risk of customer revenue going elsewhere.”

Mark concedes that moving into mobile can be a big step for some dealers, and pinpoints several key areas for success. “You need to make sure the provider you choose has got a dedicated field resource where they can become an extension of your own sales force, with strong commercial network support. If you’re a non mobile specialist you need effective assistance so that you can hit the ground running. It can be a bit of a quantum leap for some but ultimately everyone should embrace mobile. It’s a very dynamic and competitive market that breeds customer loyalty based on multiple products and long term contracts. It’s true fixed to mobile convergence. If you are not in mobile you are only offering half the story.”

2011 saw Nimans join forces with O2, as part of a flourishing business alliance, based on simple, easy-to-sell tariffs. Resellers can take complete ownership and control over their whole comms operations, building greater value into their own businesses, according to Mark. They can start selling from day one with no requirement to create their own tariffs – and also bill all their network services on the same invoice.”

He highlighted: “With the increase in remote and field based employees, mobile spend within organisations is naturally on the rise as well. As well as fixed line, calls and broadband, mobile makes up a significant part of a company’s communication spend today, so by being able to offer mobile and bill along with all other network services, this adds significant value to a reseller's offering. Customers will almost always prefer to speak to their service provider/reseller about as much of their services as possible as opposed to dealing with multiple partners.”

Nimans has produced a full and thorough onboarding programme which covers every aspect of the mobile market such as hardware, number ports, hardware and billing. “We understand that within our base there is mixed mobile knowledge and experience, so we can tailor our support accordingly. In terms of billing, any resellers who are unable to bill mobile tariffs, can benefit from our bureau billing model where we can bill directly in their name.”

Mark says mobile devices are extensively used to access email, Internet, CRM systems, social media and to provide presence information etc on the move so data allowance is a key part of any mobile tariff. UC and mobile go hand in hand, he emphasised.

“More people need to be able to work away from the office and have access to all the same tools as if they were sat at their desk. People need to be seen as being available and accessible, so a solid mobile proposition to provide the minutes and data access makes this possible. Applications and cloud based services are driving the need for high speed access - anywhere. The current development of super fast 4G network infrastructure from O2 goes a long way in terms of driving how theUKwill work and play in the future.”

Mark concluded: “Teaming up with O2 was the missing piece of the jigsaw. We’ve got voice and data covered - mobile, fixed line, broadband, data and hosted services are all available on one bill from Nimans.”

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