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Mobile Momentum

Posted on 17/09/2012

How many of us have the luxury of leaving our mobile phones at home when we head off on holiday? Not many I suspect. Mobile communication is part of daily life and represents tangible opportunities for resellers to develop lucrative new revenue streams – often the missing piece of the comms jigsaw.

There are two distinct business models to consider – partnering directly with a network provider or going wholesale and billing and ‘owning’ the customer yourself.

Here at Nimans we’ve been very successful after teaming up with O2 as a wholesale channel partner to offer a range of mobile solutions – from connections to hardware.  The reality for resellers is that many of the mobile networks have moved into other arenas such as fixed line, broadband and data. Potentially a reseller risks customer erosion and losing margins. Wholesale gives them complete control so that they can bill under their own name using their existing billing platform or using Nimans’ bureau services to retain client ownership.

Mobile brings many challenges and advantages with recurring revenue creating more ‘sticky’ and loyal customers. As a trusted adviser we understand the leap of faith that many resellers have to take.

Wholesale mobile offers a host of opportunities for resellers both from a customer retention and cross-sell position and to increase business value. But it’s not for everyone. We’ve just produced a handy guide – Is Wholesale Mobile Right For Me? - to help dealers identify whether wholesale mobile is suitable for their business, and lead them through the pros and cons it represents.

What isn’t in question is the impact that mobile technology continues to have – revolutionising business and personal communication and satisfying an almost insatiable appetite for social media and instant interaction.  Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind. Reap the rewards and ensure your customers get the mobile message.

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans.

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