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Network Services Portal and Billing Updates

Wholesale Resellers - Billing Migration FAQs


What is the reason for the change?
We are committed to serving our customers and deploying the latest technology to enable our resellers to manage their customers better and self-serve. To enable us to do this we have made a significant six figure investment in an upgraded billing platform, software and online portal.


When will this change be effective from?
Our confirmed go live date is the 1st April 2018.


How long will the old formats be available?
Once we move to the new billing platform the old format CDR will cease to exist.


Are all customers affected by the change?


Will there be new details (URL, username, and password) and training for the new portal? If so, when can we expect this?
Yes, although this will be single sign on which means you will have just one username and password for the new system. We will be in touch in due course to arrange training. We will also be running a series of webinar sessions for you.


When will we have the call classes?
We will send these out in the next 2 weeks.


When will you confirm the switch over date?
Our confirmed go live date is the 1st April 2018 with our first bill run out of the new system being the 8th April 2018.


Will we now get daily CDRs?
Along with the daily CDRs that you are used to receiving on O2 and Vodafone, EE Daily CDRs will be also be available.


Can we setup FTP access to them so our system can auto download CDRs?
We will create an FTP site for all of our Wholesale Resellers and will send your usernames and passwords in due course.


Will the daily CDRs reflect bundle allowances or will we still need the monthly file to show accurate pricing?
There is no change; we do not recommend invoicing from the daily CDR files.


Will anything show differently in the new CDRs? (i.e. - names of packages in the service files)
We are not expecting there to be any changes.


Can you clarify which CDR version Nimans are using please?
Nimans will be using the FCS UK Industry Standard CDR Format version 3.


Last updated February 27th.

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