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Nimans Closes The Knowledge Gap

Posted on 17/09/2014

A new technology ‘knowledge gap’ is fuelling growing demand for dealers to outsource their voice and data infrastructure/services.

Comms distributor Nimans has developed a flourishing white label installation and maintenance On-Site Services division which is helping resellers reach out into new markets and capture additional revenue.

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales, says the market is going through a transitional period, with some resellers lacking confidence in areas such as SIP, general network infrastructure and WiFi deployment.

“Most people are going for maintenance at the moment although there’s still healthy demand for installation services too. I think it’s the amount of products in the market that is a major factor,” he explained. “Technologies such as WiFi, call recording and SIP are complementing the traditional PBX and resellers can’t always be clued up on everything. There’s a knowledge gap in certain areas. There’s still uncertainty out there particularly about hiring their own engineering staff.  In many ways companies are more sales centric rather than engineering based so a good partner like Nimans is ideally placed to provide valuable support.

“It can be a big overhead having engineers on their books. We provide the flexibility on a national level for one off projects or more long term business relationships. Resellers need to hold onto the customers they have, move with the times and become more ‘savvy’ on things like SIP - as that’s where some are falling short with their knowledge about integration, protocols and newer technologies.

“They understand the hardware but not always the networking side so need people in to help them. There are many who are savvy but it could just be two contracts on two sites with one solution. Your traditional reseller selling their normal bread and butter are fine, it’s the ones that are advancing sometimes need their hand holding which is very understandable. Things will eventually settle down.”

Burn concluded: “If a reseller suffers a bad experience they tend to shy away from it. It can cost them money. If they can put the ownership onto someone else for something they have sold it takes the stress off them. That’s where a third party specialist like us comes in. Managing customer relationships is very important. They have more confidence things will run smoothly. Some have had their fingers burned in the past with poor installations around newer technologies. That’s definitely an area where we are seeing lots of growth.

“Resellers can flex their resources by outsourcing their engineering, maintenance and installation business needs. We are a virtual engineering team, providing white label services. Utilising a team of engineers and technical support staff, Nimans On-Site Services acts as a valuable extension to their own work force, putting them in greater control of their business operations.”

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