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Nimans Gets Connected With 2N

Posted on 09/05/2014

Nimans is urging resellers to open the door to a new world of sales success after forging a new business partnership with 2N - an international manufacturer of comms innovations such as analogue and IP gateways, intercoms and public address systems.

The alliance sees Nimans adding a powerful new name to its ever-evolving brand line-up, stocking SIP door entry and PA systems as well as GSM gateways and a host of other products.

Purchasing Director Andy Winfield says teaming-up with 2N gives resellers more strength to embrace growing areas of the communications market.

“2N is a leading European ICT company operating worldwide, specialising in the development and manufacture of telecommunication solutions which are exported to more than 125 countries around the world. Its product portfolio includes door and security intercoms, IP public address systems, M2M solutions and a wide range of GSM/UMTS gateways, LTE/UMTS routers and PBXs, focusing on SME, LME, system integrators and operators,” he emphasised. “This new alliance will open more sales doors for resellers and is a great fit for Nimans as we continue to evolve.”

His positive comments were echoed by Scott Foster, 2N’s UK Business Development Manager who says Nimans provide an impressive stage for the company to further penetrate the UK market.

“Their long standing trading pedigree, industry reputation and large client base are a perfect combination to take our brand further forward,” Scott explained.

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