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Nimans Gets Mobile

Posted on 09/05/2012

Interactive workshops have been staged by Nimans to help resellers ‘unleash the power’ of new opportunities in the mobile market.

Nationwide events featured representatives from O2, BlackBerry and Samsung -  attracting dozens of experienced resellers, as well as many new to a rapidly growing sector.

In addition to wholesale mobile minutes, attendees discovered more about broadband opportunities from O2 Wholesale (formerly BE Wholesale), handsets, tablets and mobile broadband.

It proved a very worthwhile exercise for one Cheshire-based comms consultant who commented afterwards: “I’ve been involved in this industry since the 1960’s and set-up my own consultancy eight years ago. I firmly believe that resellers need more than one string to their bow. They key is to find out what solutions an end user requires, but to do that dealers first have to have the knowledge to advise. That’s where a day like today proves so beneficial as it open’s people’s minds to the true potential of mobile. For many resellers, now is the time to dip their toe into the mobile world. Get it right and there’s a lot of money to be made.”

Resellers can start selling immediately and bill end users in their own name as part of a true wholesale model from Nimans and O2  – using simple, easy-to-sell tariffs. Attendees, who converged at Nimans’Manchesterheadquarters and O2’sSloughoffices, gained a valuable insight into the mobile market and learned how they can leverage lucrative new revenue opportunities.

One Preston-based dealer said the prospect of gaining complete control of his customer base was too irresistible to ignore. “We’ve been involved in the mobile market for the last 12 years. The wholesale model and the ownership of the customer are so important for us. We don’t have that at the moment and we are 100% going ahead with Nimans, based on what we’ve heard today. It’s a real game changer for us.”

Nimans’ Head of Networks, Mark Curtis-Wood, says mobile services have emerged as a dominant force within the communications arena as he emphasised: “A shift in spend within companies from fixed voice to mobile is being fuelled by a more mobile workforce, underpinned by a reliance on access to high speed data on the move. The time is now for resellers to come on board, take a leap of faith and evolve their business operations.”

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