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Nimans Hails Fibre Innovation

Posted on 03/01/2012

Nimans says more installers are ‘seeing the light’ as the distributor predicts growing demand for fibre optic installations throughout 2012 – helping inspire a current sales explosion. Demand for fibre optics has quadrupled in the last four months, fuelled by a flourishing partnership with Draka.

Nimans’ Dealer Sales Director, Tom Maxwell, says fibre optics offer many advantages over conventional copper connectivity – including greater bandwidth, distance and security. He says Draka’s BendBright fibre innovation represents a further step forward as it’s been designed and manufactured to provide more forgiveness, speed and low connector insertion loss during installation.

“BendBright gives installers peace of mind by taking away the historical barriers encountered while routing fibre cables into many different locations.  From the outset there’s always been the traditional issue of 'bend radius’ which had to be closely monitored when designing fibre networks. BendBright helps overcome these obstacles, improving versatility, reliability and all-round network performance.

“Installers can do more, make more, save more and ultimately achieve more. Draka has created more value and flexibility for the installer by designing a range of fibres and fibre cables with ever-reducing minimum bend radii. Our customers really appreciate this ultra bend insensitive technology.”

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