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Nimans & Panasonic Announce New Comms System Unveiling

Posted on 20/08/2014

Panasonic resellers will get their first chance to experience a new ‘smart hybrid’ SMB system at official launch events in September and October.

The KX-NS700 is the successor to the KX-NCP and KX-TDE100 and comes built-in with the functions of the KX-NS1000. It is being hailed as a ‘one package platform for business’ with many impressive features and simplified maintenance.

Roadshows take place on September 24th at Panasonic Solutions Centre in Bracknell, followed by October 2nd at a Birmingham hotel and October 14th in Dublin.

“The KX-NS700 is a Smart Hybrid PBX suitable for small to medium sized offices,” explained Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at distributor Nimans. “It provides various solutions with its built-in functions. The KX-NS700 has sufficient capacity for both legacy and IP ports, and an activation key or expansion cabinet can be used to easily expand the system according to customer needs.”

He added: “The KX-NS700 is also designed to be used in call centre environments. Its built-in applications support the basic needs of supervisors, such as Queue Announcement, Live Status Monitor, Activity Report, Automatic Conversation Recording, and NAS (Network Attached Storage).”

Various activation keys are preinstalled or come with a 60-day free trial, added Burn.

“Up to two extensions can be assigned the same extension number. For example, calls to an extension in the office can be received simultaneously on a softphone on a smartphone. Calls can also be switched between paired phones with a simple operation.

“The installer can easily program everything related to functions such as PBX and VM by web based console, because the KX-NS700 comes with a built-in web server. Programming can also be performed from remote sites. Users can also use a web based console to configure terminals and the VM mailbox.”

He concluded: “The KX-NS700 has a built-in messaging system that provides voice mail to subscribers. The Unified Messaging system can also provide voice guidance to outside callers, either directing them to their desired destination or to the mailbox of a subscriber, where they can leave a voice message. All in all this is a very powerful package which will prove very popular with our Panasonic customer base.”

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