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Nimans Resellers Go Back To The Classroom

Posted on 09/04/2014

Nimans’ resellers gained top marks as they went back to the classroom to learn about the company’s expanding and exclusive iQ PBX comms platform. 

A two-day technical training course took place at Nimans’ Manchester headquarters for skilled PBX installation engineers with or without SIP expertise. A repeat exercise is being held on May 28th and 29th

Network settings, security, capacities and major features were all covered along with configuring extensions, storage management and troubleshooting.

 “We love the product and have stopped selling all others. It’s fantastic and the course was a great opportunity to learn more before demand starts to explode. All this kind of technology is the future but it can be difficult to get your head around it all,” said one Bristol-based reseller who works as a Technical Director.

 “I was very impressed with the structure of the course; getting hands-on and being in a closed environment without my phone ringing or emails coming in was brilliant as it allowed me to fully concentrate on the product. I’ve learned a hell of a lot and sharpened my knowledge.” 

Nimans is the exclusive UK distributor of the innovative gateway solution which is available in four distinctive versions, from the sub 12 extension market up to over 300 users. RRP prices (ex VAT) start from £500 (250 model), £875 for the new mid range x600i, £2,900 for the 2000 version and £4,900 for the larger 5,000 unit. 

iQ PBX Business Manager, Judith Addison, says the iQ PBX offers resellers a cost effective route into today’s expanding VoIP PBX arena – all-in-one technology (with optional applications) that’s straightforward to configure, implement and support.

 “The training consisted of explanations, demonstrations, discussions and practical exercises ensuring each delegate is confident and proficient in the technical side of our growing family of iQ PBX systems. The event culminated in a test for attendees to achieve official certification and they all passed with flying colours!”

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