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Nimans Rises To PBX Challenge

Posted on 31/07/2012

System scalability, growing demand for fixed mobile convergence and more reseller resource is fuelling growth in the 50 plus user market for distributor Nimans.

“The goalposts have definitely moved with a blur between the lower and higher end of the market in terms of affordability, customer expectations and reseller sales boundaries,” says Head of System Sales, Paul Burn.

“The pyramid gets thinner the higher you get up. The very top end of the market tends to be dominated by a handful of manufacturers but as you go further down, the applications being sold in the 50-150 user space for example do not involve any massive dividing lines any more.

“In the past if a business wanted integrated applications such as predictive dialling and integrated call recording then unless they were a big player they probably wouldn’t have been able to afford them. The dividing line is getting further and further down because the manufacturers are releasing much more affordable applications. This increases usability where technologies such as presence and fixed mobile convergence are as relevant in the 50 plus market as enterprise.”

Despite tough economic conditions and a slowdown in general market trends, Nimans is experiencing healthy growth in the 50-plus arena.

“We are seeing more larger systems being sold in the 50-150 space. I think one of the reasons is that the market used to be divided into those that sold into enterprise and those into SMB. That line is blurring predominantly due to the scalability of the technology available.  This gives resellers much more freedom and flexibility. They don’t have to be trained on a different product.

“At Nimans we continue to invest in our reseller support structure which is particularly important in this sector. Our ability to go out with resellers and deliver demonstrations is a big factor. This is where the deal differs as companies want more confidence and reassurance that additional ‘clout’ and support is available behind the reseller. Money continues to be tight and it’s all about economies of scale. Businesses in the 50 plus market are obviously making bigger investments so they want to know they are getting the right system. We’ve also launched a new lead generation campaign for the 30-150 user sector to help our customers capture more business and it certainly appears to be working.”

Paul says upgrading technology to gain specific financial or operational benefits along with businesses moving premises, remain some of the biggest reasons for end user investment.

He concluded: “Fixed Mobile Convergence is becoming a big driver. It’s amazing now in business how many mobile users there are. It’s a message that will continue to grow, along with The Cloud - I would say even more so than Unified Communications. Overall we are finding more deals coming through. In the wider market it’s a lot more difficult to quantify but our resellers are definitely winning more deals which is very encouraging.”

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