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Nimans & Samsung SIP Success

Posted on 07/04/2014

Nimans and Samsung have joined forces to provide resellers with a hat-trick of SIP-based offers until the end of June.

They will receive two SIP trunk licences, 2 MGI licences and 4 WE VoIP licences when purchasing either a Samsung OS7030 or OS7100 system with at least one other system licence. They can also benefit from free SIP trunk rental for 90 days as part of an exclusive promotion – if they order the SIP trunks through Nimans as part of the special offer.

A WE VoIP licence is also included with every IP handset licence ordered with a Samsung OS7200S, OS7200 or OS7400 system.

Paul Burn, Head of Category Sales at Nimans, says SIP is becoming a very viable challenger to ISDN connectivity. 

“These offers allow resellers to encourage their customers to give SIP a try so they can experience many benefits such as flexibility with phone numbers, reduced call costs, greater resilience and on demand deployment.” 

He added: “Receiving your licences is easy, simply place your order as normal and they will be automatically issued.”

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