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Nimans Teams-Up With Tecdesk

Posted on 20/08/2013

Nimans has dialled-up a new business partnership to supply a range of 3G desktop phones that provide resellers with potent sales opportunities – allowing their own customers to ‘break free’ from traditional landlines. 

The new alliance with Tecdesk sees Nimans stocking three devices that combine the functionality of a deskphone with the convenience of Fixed Wireless Phone technology – perfect for building sites, start-up businesses, offices, hotels and taxi ranks. 

The Tecdesk 1000, 3500 and Smart 5500 (hailed as the world’s first3G Android desk phone) can help resellers break into new markets and unlock lucrative revenue potential – providing attractive returns on investment based on quick set-up, low Capex due to no wired setup and maintenance costs, and low Opex savings through the user’s choice of SIM card.

“A 3G Fixed Wireless Phone uses a SIM card rather than being plugged into a PSTN or PBX,” explained Ian Brindle from Nimans. “The phones can even be charged up much like a mobile phone and then used completely wire free.” 

The SIM-based range ensures easy integration into any mobile portfolio with very little sales team training – meeting today’s market criteria for fast, reliable systems that integrate better and more quickly, are flexible and scalable, while being very cost-effective. 

 “Tecdesk’s mission is to take mobile communication to new levels of functionality and convenience,” Ian emphasised. “Products combine desk phone elegance with intuitive innovation.  Low Opex savings, wirefree flexibility and the smartphone functionality of the Smart 5500 represent a very compelling combination.”  

Ian says the desktop devices are suitable to a variety of vertical markets with the construction industry one of the most popular. “Portable cabins have to have a line installed by BT, which can be costly and the lead time can be up to 14 weeks. A desktop 3G phone is a much easier and cheaper alternative and it is also transferable from site-to-site so the expenditure is a one off. There’s a variety of call management capabilities at different price points.”  

He added: “Taxi firms for example are having great success by putting the Tecdesk 1000 into local pubs due to functionality that can be pre-set to auto-dial their company’s number when the receiver is lifted.” 

Tecdesk CEO, Jay Pau, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Nimans. The revolutionary benefits of our Fixed Wireless Phone range are distinctly aligned to market requirements and we envisage this will open up new revenue opportunities for resellers across many vertical markets.”

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