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Online Power

Posted on 15/10/2012

With the traditional Christmas shopping frenzy just around the corner, there’s likely to be another significant explosion in online ordering. Over the last 5-10 years a huge rise in web-based business has triggered the dramatic downfall of many high streets.

Sites such as Amazon are a symbol of a new generation of purchasing power where spontaneous transactions take place around the clock.

This level of consumer impact hasn’t spread to the reseller channel to the same degree. Here at Nimans we recognise the value of the human touch where all our customers have their own dedicated telephone account managers. But we also know that convenience and choice are important which is why we are poised to launch an enhanced online ordering service.  

Buying online is fast, reliable and easy. Nimans is renowned as having the finest logistics operation in the industry with guaranteed next day deliveries. This underpins our whole business operation, online or over the telephone. With the continued growth of smart phones and mobility in general it’s now easier than ever to place an order securely online from anywhere.

Resellers themselves often base their business models on a consultative sell which can limit their own online sales potential. Many websites tend to be information points rather than sales generators but if the success of our own eCat service is anything to go by then these trends are rapidly changing. This white label facility allows resellers to maximise online revenue by launching their own bespoke e-rail operations, with the power of Nimans behind them.

The lure of the web is simply too big to ignore, with cross selling and up-selling proving a very compelling combination. Are you missing out?

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans.

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