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Pain Free Leasing

Posted on 17/11/2011

Nimans is on a leasing crusade to take away any ‘pain and strain’ for resellers offering financial services. The company’s dedicated financial services division has witnessed a significant rise in demand over the last 12 months, providing tailored levels of customer support – from sourcing quotes to running a complete leasing operation.

Levels of business continue to grow month on month for Nimans, as with the continued economic woes, leasing in particular emerges as a highly effective alternative to cash investments and more prudent availability of credit.

“We recognise that providing financial services can be a headache for some resellers,” explained Nimans’ Dealer Sales Director, Tom Maxwell. “Staff can get bogged down and distracted from their traditional sales activities.”

He continued: “We are enjoying particular success by managing the day-to-day running of their financial activities, from handling paperwork and funding issues to processing payments, leaving resellers to get on with running their core business operations.”

Tom added: “We place great emphasis on showing them how to build more business out of existing agreements – using the value of their current books to raise revenue and provide their customers with technology upgrades at no additional monthly cost.”

Resellers can use their own existing funders or take advantage of additional options from Nimans’ own trading partners, according to Tom.

“Our fundamental aim is to increase closure rates and provide resellers with a winning edge over their competition. The last thing a dealer wants is to invest a lot of time and effort in convincing a customer to upgrade their telecoms equipment, only for the deal to turn sour due to financial reasons. In the current economic climate leasing has become a proven solution to unlocking greater levels of business. We expect the trends to continue throughout 2012.”

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