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Payphone Pain One Year On

Posted on 07/11/2018

Payphone Pain One Year On.

Following the first anniversary of the old £1 coin no longer being legal tender, resellers are being urged to act fast to avoid continued loss of revenue and customer problems regarding payphones.

The arrival of a new ‘super secure’ £1 coin on March 28th last year had a significant impact on payphones across the country – combined with the end of legal tender status for the original round pound in October. An estimated one in 30 old £1 coins were fake so the Royal Mint created a new 12 sided version hailed as the most secure in the world.

Major progress is being made to update thousands of payphones and distributor Nimans, the exclusive UK supplier of Solitaire payphones is advising resellers that’s it’s not too late to adapt customers’ devices – or upgrade to the latest compliant models.

“Since March last year we have visited sites to update thousands of units up and down the UK but we do still believe that many older models need to be replaced with new Solitaire 2000, 6000 and 6000HS supplied New £1 Coin READY,” says Solitaire’s Managing Director Jeff Wilkes.

He added: “Do you still have Solitaire Payphones which have not been updated to accept the new £1 coin? Many older Solitaire Payphones made since 2006 are also out there, not yet updated for the new £1 and indeed would still accept the old circular £1 coin, now no longer legal tender.

“For example Solitaire 2000 models which have not been updated would take the new coin straight into the cashbox and not allow the caller to speak which is difficult to remedy if a reseller has no staff on site. Solitaire 6000 /6000 High Security and Solitaire 6100 / 6100 High Security units will let the New £1 coin fall into refund without allowing the caller to speak, resulting in loss of revenue.”

Jeff pointed out: “Our statistics show that for a typical public area payphone the One Pound coin typically represents 52% of the takings so not taking the new £1 is like turning away half your customers. It’s vital to act now.”

All New Solitaire Payphones supplied since January 2016 will accept the revised £1 coin but existing models already on-site will need updating, Jeff emphasised.

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