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Payphones Stand The Test Of Time

Posted on 12/10/2011

With the explosion in mobile phone technology resellers could be forgiven for thinking the days of traditional payphones are numbered, but not according to Nimans who say when times are tough businesses are always looking for ways to save money and control costs.

The economic slowdown is fuelling demand for Nimans’ exclusive Solitaire product portfolio - the only new, RoHS compliant payphones available to buy in theUK, as opposed to renting - helping end users consolidate operating costs and call charges.

Resellers are also being urged to consider the multitude of service locations where they are still required, from counter-top bars to hospitals, hair salons and prisons.

“Often resellers can overlook the many sales opportunities that still exist for traditional payphones across a wide range of locations,” said Nimans’ Purchasing Director,Andy Winfield. “It may surprise them to realise that in an age of mobile communication demand for payphones remains consistently strong due to increased requirements to control unauthorised call access.”

He highlighted: “In these challenging economic times more businesses are looking to buy devices outright as opposed to renting, which could potentially save them hundreds of pounds, recouping their outlay in less than 12 months. In addition payphones can stop staff or customers making unauthorised calls, running up expensive landline bills, as they can be pre-programmed and call times/charges easily adjusted.” Solitaire Payphones also allow free access to emergency calls and freephone numbers such as Childline, an OFSTED requirement for schools.

Nimans stocks the Solitaire 2000 plug-and-play device, ideal for domestic/ shared /rented accommodation locations where arguments can arise over the telephone bill, the best-selling 6000 model with ‘taxi‘ buttons, auditable cash records and coin refund whilst a 6000 High Security model benefits from a robust steel casing and armoured handset cord.

Furthermore, the Royal Mint will be introducing a new nickel plated steel core 10p coin from Jan 2012 and all new Solitaire Payphones available for sale today at Nimans already accept both this and the old 10p.

Nimans also supplies a wide range of hoods, cabinets, a payphone trolley and all-weather phones, as part of an extensive product range, as Andy concluded: “There will always be a need for payphones in environments that may lack mobile phone signals, batteries running down, credit has been used up and also sites where mobiles are just not appropriate. Furthermore, in these cost conscious times, payphones are very effective in helping businesses control charges, as they can restrict access to only allow certain programmed numbers or calls to head or branch offices for example. Payphones continue to represent excellent margin and revenue opportunities for our customers.”

Andy also highlighted how when selling a telephone system, dealers can offer the 6000 or 6000HS as an extension off the PBX to save on line rental.

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