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People Power

Posted on 19/11/2012

Modern communication has made the world a much smaller place. Video conferencing, e-mail, instant messaging and social media are some of the many ways we keep in touch on a spontaneous and intuitive basis.

But face-to-face meetings still have immense value, as demonstrated by last month’s Comms Vision event at Gleneagles inScotland. This three-day gathering of some of the industry’s biggest movers and shakers illustrated the power of networking. It proved a refreshing and rewarding way to conduct business, build relationships and discuss the latest market developments.

Hearing the thoughts of fellow industry peers, was both insightful and informative. Nothing stands still for long in this industry and in today’s tough economic arena, delivering value has become an even more crucial component for success. Comms Vision reflected this by the Comms Value Chain, the main thrust of the event. Nimans has always been a keen advocate of this ethos as we recognise the importance of building partnerships and helping our customers leverage new business opportunities – however challenging the conditions may be.

From a reseller’s point of view, timing is crucial when adopting any new area of the market. Move too soon and you risk getting your fingers’ burned but wait too long and you’ve lost crucial ground to the competition.

Yes, the technology we sell has a huge positive impact in raising business performance and efficiency.  But ultimately a warm handshake, a smile and a few drinks at the bar breaks down barriers and builds stronger bonds.

We all work in a ‘people business’ and it’s often impossible to meet face-to-face due to travel costs, time and diary constraints. That’s where Unified Comms and other methods of modern communication really excel. It’s good to talk on any level.

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans.

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