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Power-Up Your Sales With Riello

Posted on 18/03/2020

Resellers are being encouraged to power-up their sales and protect their customers with uninterruptible power supplies from Nimans and Riello – and don’t leave any missed opportunities ‘on the table’.

Nimans has launched an awareness campaign to highlight how Riello UPS provides ‘reliable power for a sustainable world’ – part of a margin-rich UPS market which is as big as the headset arena.

Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales at Nimans says the scale of UPS opportunities is often underestimated.

“UPS is a back-up power system if mains power fails, but its impact can on occasions be overlooked. Depending on which solution is chosen, protection against mains supply problems can also be specified,” he explained.

UPS topologies feature VFD - voltage and frequency dependent (offline), VI - voltage independent (line interactive) and also VFI - voltage and frequency independent (online).
In total Riello offers 22 ranges of UPS from 400VA to 6,400kVA.

Tom highlighted how solutions are ideally suited to a wealth of sites and applications, from cash registers and small personal workstations to larger network devices and servers – with standalone and rack mounted hardware available.

He warned: “I think some resellers are missing a trick and leaving sales opportunities on the table. They assume an end user’s IT department will be looking after UPS. But they should cover all bases, up-sell and not walk away.

“We offer comprehensive choice, ultimate assurance, award-winning quality and reliability – all backed by Nimans’ renowned customer service and support.”

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