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Price Drop Packs A Punch

Posted on 10/02/2012

Scores of Nimans’ resellers are boxing clever by taking advantage of a 55% price drop in NEC’s powerful SL1100 comms platform.  NEC’s ‘Knock-out’ campaign has generated a positive market impact, prompting many resellers to embrace the brand for the first time.

“The SL1100 has rapidly grown into a worthy successor to the XN120, and is now available from just £199 RRP,” said Nimans’ Head of System Sales, Paul Burn. “Lots of resellers are describing the SL1100 as the most cost effective, competitive and feature-rich system on the market. There’s no doubt this price drop has further accelerated its growing popularity, creating compelling sales opportunities for many of our customers.”

Paul added: “Here at Nimans we’ve already had record numbers of dealers on training programmes throughout the last few months. Extra webinars have been developed in line with general uptake and interest which is climbing on a daily basis. We’ve noticed a steep rise in resellers that never previously sold NEC systems.”

He emphasised: “The SL1100 has been specifically developed to be easy to train, install, and sell. NEC’s price drop campaign makes the product even easier for dealers to capture more sales, especially during these cash-conscious economic times.”

As well as the CCU price discounts other applications such as Voicemail have also been slashed, with around a 33% saving.

“We firmly believe this special offer makes the SL1100 the best value small business system in the marketplace, pound for pound,” says NEC Sales Director Andrew Cooper. “For resellers who want a lot of features for their money, this is an unbeatable opportunity.”

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