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Health Check

Ensuring a hygienic work environment helps keep germs at bay and employees healthy.

Replaceable parts for high contact areas ensure the risks of contagion are kept to a minimum.
Parts are easy for anyone to change, and we can provide replacement voice tubes and ear cushions. 
Also included in our hygiene packs are wipes to regularly clean your headset, keyboard, desk and phone.

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Improve Health and Increase Productivity



If you use the phone for more than 2 hours a day, then you could benefit from a headset.

Long term absenteeism could be dramatically reduced due to muscle tension and neck pain, and also a reduction in headaches, all by using a headset.

 Muscle tension leading to long term problems can be caused by holding a phone for prolonged periods of time between your head and your shoulder.


Using a headset enables you the freedom to carry out other tasks while on the phone, like typing, looking for files or picking up print outs. 

A headset will increase the speed and accuracy you can type information while on the phone.  This will improve the interaction with the person you are talking to, whether taking an order or details for a quote, or just some general information.

Headset Health Check

Best Practice Clinic

Background Noise Test

One of our highly experienced team will come and visit your premises to train your contact centre managers and supervisors on areas that directly affect your business. 

We can show you how improved audio quality will increase first call resolution. 

The content of the session can be tailored to match your specific headsets, usage and patterns.

Busy open plan offices or call centres have a lot of background noise. This will disrupt concentration, increase stress levels.

We can map background noise levels at different intervals of the day to understand overall exposure and any significant hotspots.

 A report will be produced with the results and recommendations.

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