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Jabra is a global producer of innovative corded and cordless headsets and speakerphone solutions that enable seamless, effortless communication for mobile users, office-based professionals and contact centre employees.


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Jabra Headsets

As one of the world’s leading providers of hands-free communications solutions, Jabra offer a broad range of products to suit the requirements of any user. From reliable and robust corded and wireless headsets for office workers and contact centres, to sophisticated and stylish Bluetooth® headsets for mobile users and home workers.

With over 140 years of telecommunications experience – the award-winning Jabra headsets combine the latest technologies and premium design that delivery both superior audio quality and great comfort for everyday use.



Headsets for everyuse

Jabra Headsets for professional use

Jabra professional headsets and audio solutions meet the telephony needs of your modern work environment. Your mobile workforce will benefit from the wireless headset series that enable them to connect to their mobile phone or PC and ensure they stay connected while on the road. Introducing the Jabra MOTION, the only Bluetooth headset you'll ever need.




Jabra Headsets for personal use

For personal use, you can enjoy fantastic sound for both music and calls with Jabra’s personal headsets. Whether you’re looking for a headset to use with Skype™ or to keep you connected while you work out, you’re sure to find the headset to meet your unique needs.

Our headsets prioritise the features that matter most:

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Design
  • Superior audio performance

From our ultimate comfort ear gels, to our Noise Blackout™ and HD Voice technology, a Jabra headset offers you all the functionality you require, in an attractive, easy-to-use package.


Jabra Speakerphones


Jabra speakerphones enable hands free calls both in the car and in the office. Our in-car speakerphones are designed for use along with your mobile phone. They include voice-activated call commands for a total hands free experience.

You can also use the speakerphone to stream audio content from Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Our office speakerphones include call conferencing capabilities, giving you a tremendous amount of flexibility in offices where meeting room space is a challenge.



A whole new level of convenience

The Jabra SPEAK™ 510, a unique portable speakerphone enhanced with Bluetooth® You can literally turn any room into a conference room, and stay focused for increased productivity

New Jabra SPEAK™ 810 makes conference calls easy

Enjoy professional-quality conference calls with the
Jabra SPEAK™ 810 it can be connected to any device and be ready to talk in seconds. Forget about all the echoes, background noise, and distortions. ZoomTalk™ microphones focus on the talker and pick up only their voice.

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