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JPL Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets

Hearing Aid Compatible Headset

JPL Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets

Super lightweight, affordable professional office and contact centre headsets.

HAC 1 and HAC 2 have been especially fitted with an inductive coupler, making them compatible with most hearing aids. The noise-cancelling monaural headset is designed for being aware of what’s going on around when in a busy working environment. The single earpiece headset makes it extremely easy to break off from the call and speak to colleagues without removing the headset. The double earpiece allows all attention focused on the call, freeing up the hands to allow typing and writing at the same time.

The headset has a weighted filter, for clearer Surround Shield™ noise cancellation, and a quick disconnect lead which allows disconnection from the headset and moving away from the desk without removing the headset (this effectively puts the caller on hold).

The headsets are suitable for people with hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a hearing loop setting. It also offers excellent sound quality to anyone with up to moderate hearing loss who’s not a hearing aid user.

JPL HAC Headset Series


  • JPL Telecoil technology - Inductive coupler
  • Single ear / dual ear
  • Weighted filter for clear Surround Shield noise cancelling
  • Wideband enabled speakers with Sound Shield acoustic chock protection
  • Strong, robust construction
  • ‘Put and stay’ ratchet microphone boom arm
  • Compatible with all known office phones - Full range of bottom leads available
  • 3-year repair or replacement warranty


  • Noise cancelling – ideal for busy offices and calls centres
  • Stay situation aware – take calls and speak to colleagues without removing it
  • Hearing aid-compatible for use with hearing aids on the hearing loop setting
  • Comfortable - with an adjustable headband and soft ear cushion
  • No neck and shoulder pain – no need to cradle a phone while doing other tasks
  • Lightweight – suitable to wear for extended periods

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