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Cutting the Cord

Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Going wireless equates to measurable return on investment.

With a DECT headset a user can connect to both desk phone and PC using the same headset. DECT can support voice communication at up to 100 metres (with line of sight) from a base station and incorporates security protocols which encrypt speech to prevent eavesdropping.

DECT headset bases continuously monitor wireless channels and maintain a map of channel strength, if the headset encounters any interference it will instantly change channel to the best available. This frequency hopping enables the system to respond to changing conditions before it impacts audio quality. The result is higher call quality even in densely crowded open plan offices with numerous users taking multiple calls all at the same time.

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Measuring the Return on Investment

Wired Headset
Purchase Price:
Headset £90
Corded headset cable £10

Total = £100*

*Assuming product life cycle 4 years - Annual cost £25

Wireless Headset
Purchase Price:
Wireless Headset & Base £220
New battery during its life time £14

Total = £234*

*Assuming the product life cycle 7 years - Annual cost £33

Total Assumed Annual cost of Wireless - £33 vs Total Assumed Annual cost of Wired - £25
Totalling £8 more per year, over 365 days is just 2 Pence per day extra


For just 2p extra per day businesses are able to ream many more £’s in productivity benefits associated with their agents being able to walk, talk and multitask

Additional Revenue
Many agents say that freedom to roam helps them become more animated thus creating a mood more conducive to successful selling.

Higher staff retention
An investment in wireless is an investment in staff. Having the latest technology makes staff feel more valued.

Desk phone and PC connectivity
Multiple connectivity eliminates the need to buy different headsets for phones and PC connectivity.

Plantronics headsets deliver superior sound with proven reliability and solid build quality which has made them, the headset of choice in the majority of UK call centres.

With several DECT ranges available there are headsets available to meet the needs of all user types:


Buy Savi W700 Series Buy W400 Series Buy CS500 Series


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