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Epos Sennheiser ADAPT

EPOS I Sennheiser ADAPT Line

Premium Headset Solutions
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Modern workplaces are evolving every day – becoming more mobile, more versatile and more flexible. The ADAPT Line of premium audio tools enable seamless transition between locations, enabling perfect concentration and collaboration, anytime and anywhere.

Versatile usage – portable headsets that enable your customers to work flexibly across situations and locations, with hassle-free device compatibility.

Adaptable sound – empower them to communicate flawlessly in any environment thanks to microphones that enhance speech and eliminate background noise.

Enhanced concentration – help to enhance concentration with a headset that provides both Active Noise Cancellation and superior audio.

Contemporary design – a sleek look and comfortable fit with contemporary, ergonomic designs developed to wear at work and on-the-go.

ADAPT Series

  • ADAPT 300
  • ADAPT 400
  • ADAPT 500
  • ADAPT 600

ADAPT 300 Series

Wireless ANC Bluetooth® headset with PC dongle

ADAPT 360 Black
ADAPT 360 White

ANC reduces background noise, helps end-customers concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Optimised for UC and designed to enable customers to switch easily between devices as they multitask.

Key Features

  • Launch MS Team instantly
  • Clearer office and mobile calls
  • Reduce distracting noise
  • Convenient and portable

ADAPT 400 Series

In-ear neckband Bluetooth® headset with USB dongle & carry case

ADAPT 460T (MS Teams)

Help end-customers keep moving, stay focused and be productive with a headset that delivers rich, natural sound and ANC whether at work or commuting. A vibrating neckband ensures they never miss a call.

Key Features

  • Boosts productivity with ANC
  • Microsoft Teams certified (certification pending)
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time

ADAPT 500 Series

On-ear Bluetooth® headset with BTD 800 USB dongle / USB-C cable & carry case

ADAPT 560 Dongle (MS Teams)

Empower your end-customers to cut through the noise and make their presence felt with a headset that keeps them productive in open offices, or on the move. ANC in noisy situations enables them to focus.

Key Features

  • Clearer office and mobile calls
  • Microsoft Teams certified (certification pending)
  • Smart discrete boom arm
  • Up to 46 hours battery life

ADAPT 600 Series

Over-ear Bluetooth® ANC headset with BTD 800 USB dongle & carry case


Maximize focus and productivity anywhere with the ultimate headset powered by EPOS AI™ for crystal clear calls, adaptive ANC and superior stereo sound. A unique UC optimised solution with machine learning enhanced microphone performance.

Key Features

  • Microsoft Teams certified (certification pending)
  • Designed for mobile workers
  • Manage updates and settings on-the-go
  • Alexa enabled

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