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DW Wireless Series

Sennheiser Wireless DW

Sennheiser DW Wireless series headsets were made for use in professional call centres and offices, offering up to 12 hours of talk time. They deliver re-knowned Sennheiser quality at price points that represent great value.

They are targeted for usage where the ability to switch between the deskphone and PC is required.  They feature industry leading HD voice clarity and noise cancelling microphone with patented ActiveGuard™ technology to ensure hearing safety.

Sennheiser DW lifestyle


DW series headsets set new standards in listening and wearing comfort. The DW wireless headset is designed to meet the needs of all-day users and experienced professionals in noisy environments. .

Patented Sennheiser ActiveGuard™ technology with a long distance range

ActiveGuard™  hearing protection technology ensures hearing safety and with an extended wireless range all day users are free to roam around the office. In a typical office building the DW has a line of sight range of up to 180 metres.

Connect up to 4 headsets to one base for conference calls

DW series headsets connect to both desk phone and soft phone, and offer up to 12 hours talk time in narrowband sound mode.

DW Office is a single sided DECT Convertible Headset System (Headband / Earhook style)

DW Pro1 Monaural DECT Headset System

DW Pro2 Binuaral DECT Headset System

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Sennheiser DW Pro2 Sennheiser DW Headset Sennheiser DWPro1  BaseStation

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