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EPOS Working Remotely

EPOS | Sennheiser Working Remotely

Tune into the Remote Workplace with Premium Audio Solutions

When your customers are working remotely, poor audio quality can negatively affect the productivity of their calls. So, when at home – wireless headsets with noise-cancelling microphones can improve business calls by boosting speech intelligibility for the listener. Headsets with Active Noise Cancellation reduce ambient noise in their environment so they can concentrate on more focused tasks even in noisy spaces. UC optimised headsets are intuitive, user-friendly and maintain professionalism while working from home.

The ADAPT Line

Concentrate wherever you work

With the ADAPT Line from EPOS your customers can communicate clearly in any sound environment, thanks to state-of-the-art voice pickup technology powered by EPOS AI™ that enhances speech and eliminates unwanted background noise. So even while working in noisy spaces on-the-go, these UC optimized headsets ensure your customers will be heard with absolute clarity. Limit domestic distractions when working from home with Adaptive ANC that monitors the working environment and adjusts noise reduction accordingly – meaning you stay focused.

  • ADAPT 360
  • ADAPT 460
  • ADAPT 560
  • ADAPT 660


Wireless ANC Bluetooth® headset with PC dongle

ADAPT 360 Black


ADAPT 360 White


ANC reduces background noise, helps end-customers concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Optimised for UC and designed to enable customers to switch easily between devices as they multitask.

Key Features

  • Launch MS Teams instantly
  • Clearer office and mobile calls
  • Reduce distracting noise
  • Convenient and portable


In-ear neckband Bluetooth® headset with USB dongle & carry case



ADAPT 460T (MS Teams)


Help end-customers keep moving, stay focused and be productive with a headset that delivers rich, natural sound and ANC whether at work or commuting. A vibrating neckband ensures they never miss a call.

Key Features

  • Boosts productivity with ANC
  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time


On-ear Bluetooth® headset with BTD 800 USB dongle / USB-C cable & carry case

ADAPT 560 Dongle (MS Teams)




Empower your end-customers to cut through the noise and make their presence felt with a headset that keeps them productive in open offices, or on the move. ANC in noisy situations enables them to focus.

Key Features

  • Clearer office and mobile calls
  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • Smart discrete boom arm
  • Up to 46 hours battery life


Over-ear Bluetooth® ANC headset with BTD 800 USB dongle & carry case



Empower your end-customers to cut through the noise and make their presence felt with a headset that keeps them productive in open offices, or on the move. ANC in noisy situations enables them to focus.

Key Features

  • Clearer office and mobile calls
  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • Smart discrete boom arm
  • Up to 46 hours battery life


Work remotely, collaborate seamlessly

Work remotely and allow your customers to remain an effective part of their team with the EXPAND Line from EPOS. Equip remote offices with premium collaboration tools that are easy to use and connect with any device, enabling conference calls with unrivalled clarity – even while working from home. Our portable, lightweight speakerphones turn any space into a meeting room. Best-in-class voice pickup means you’ll be heard clearly, making conference calls from home more efficient and more productive.


Bluetooth® speakerphone, with USB-C cable and USB dongle.



Collaboration is the essence of problem-solving, but in the modern working world gathering your team can be tricky. The EXPAND 30 Series is your instant conferencing companion. Wireless, light and portable, easy to use and with excellent sound quality for all participants – both in the room and remote.

Key Features

  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • Intuitive user interface with smart button grouping for ease of use
  • Long talk time of up to 18 hours
  • One touch access to Voice Assistant


Professional audio for the home office

Ensure excellent call clarity for your customers even while working from home. The IMPACT Line of headsets from EPOS | Sennheiser delivers rich, natural audio, thanks to advanced microphones that filter out noise and enhance speech intelligibility. Your customers can enjoy comfort throughout the working day, handle calls easily and benefit from seamless compatibility across all of their devices and systems. If your customers are looking to maintain professional calls from their home office, the IMPACT Line delivers an enhanced audio experience that lives up to the demands of the modern workplace.

  • IMPACT 5000 Series
  • IMPACT DW Series
  • IMPACT D 10 Series

IMPACT 5000 Series

Wireless DECT headset with base

Designed for modern office professionals, IMPACT 5000 Series is a professional communication and collaboration hub offering users total flexibility in the office. All your devices connect seamlessly through one single headset system.

Key Features

  • Experience superior EPOS sound
  • Empower your people with total flexibility
  • Increase productivity and create focus
  • Ensure enhanced security for all your calls
  • Get all-day wearing comfort


Premium wireless DECT solution for all-day clear communication with a choice of different wearing styles.

The IMPACT DW Series of DECT wireless headsets has been designed to provide premium audio quality, iconic design and wearing comfort to demanding business and UC professionals. With a wide choice of lightweight comfortable wearing styles, professional users can choose their headset according to their personal needs. Keep your hands free and make calls in comfort wherever in the office your busy life takes you.

Key Features

  • Premium audio quality for better sounding calls
  • All-day talk time and wearing comfort
  • Wireless freedom and dual-connectivity
  • Wide choice of wearing styles
  • Easy headset docking in between calls

IMPACT D 10 Series

Everyday wireless freedom



Bring wireless freedom within reach with a DECT solution that delivers clear, natural sound and the flexibility to move around your office. All-day comfort and a choice of wearing styles completes this uncompromising audio solution.

Key Features

  • Ensure premium audio for clear calls
  • Move freely with powerful wireless reach
  • Connect simply to one device
  • Choose your wearing style
  • Easy magnetic docking and charging

Key Features

3 ways for your customers to stay productive whilst working from home

  • Structure your working hours

    Create a schedule with designated working hours and breaks to frame the day. Audio devices certified for Microsoft Teams enable direct access to Teams apps including users' calendars.

  • Establish a designated work area

    This helps your customers focus on work and avoid domestic distractions. Wireless headsets with ANC maintains their focus and speakerphones with best-in-class voice pickup keeps users connected with their team.

  • Make wellbeing a priority

    Users should structure their day in the home office with regular breaks, eat healthily and get outside at least once a day. Premium wireless headsets even let users take calls outside by minimising wind noise.

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