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Headsets Improve Health and Productivity

Sennheiser Headsets increase employee wellbeing and productivity with wireless

Sitting in a chair staring at a screen poses a serious threat to user’s health.

Empowering users with the right Sennheiser wireless headset to meet their needs can get employees on their feet and on their way to a healthier, happier, more productive workday.

Enhance employee wellbeing

Using a wireless headset to create a mobility-enabled workplace can significantly reduce sedentary habits and promote person-to-person relationships to drastically improve overall employee wellbeing.

Increase productivity

Enhanced employee wellbeing increases productivity and boots efficiency, making Sennheiser wireless headsets an innovative and wise solution for employers seeking to make the most out of their technology investment.

Benefits of a Sennheiser wireless headset

Sennhesier offers a wide range of headset solutions that are designed to work seamlessly with any communication platform, to ensure unrestrained mobility and best possible sound.

Hands-free mobility

With a wireless Sennhesier device, time-savings are generated by effectively enabling users to multitask and perform routine tasks whilst on the move.

Audio reliability and sound quality

Sennheiser headsets are certified and designed for business-grade communication, so the user can focus fully on the conversation - even in noisy environments.

Better ergonomics

Sennheiser’s best-in-class ergonomic design and high-quality materials provide the personal comfort and support the user needs throughout the day.

Full workday talk time

Reduce user worries about battery limitations and recharging with a full workday talk time.

Long distance wireless range

Long distance wireless range ensures calls stay connected while on the move, ensuring users never miss a word.

The Nimans difference:

Over 35 years of Telecoms channel expertise with dedicated in-house brand specialists on hand to help you win business, plus:

  • A wide range portfolio with continually high levels of availability, and immediate access to new lines
  • We can help you minimise your costs through bonded storage and virtual warehousing
  • We can drop ship and brand your delivery notes saving you time and money

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