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Wireless Headsets

Sennheiser Wireless Headsets


Wireless Wonders

Wireless headsets are a proven way to increase productivity and performance as they promote multi-tasking and more intuitive conversations. Users can break free from their desks whilst remaining connected to a call.

Sennheiser headsets incorporate the latest DECT technologies for crystal clear long range performance. We recognise that some workers need to move around freely and engage with colleagues to do their job well – so our range of wireless headsets combine all-day comfort with iconic designs and the legendary Sennheiser sound.


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DECT Dimension

Originating in Europe DECT was designed specifically for wireless voice communications but it’s uniqueness comes from having its own dedicated wireless frequency. This means DECT calls are not competing with data for network which enables users to enjoy seamless uninterrupted conversations either at their desks, around the office or even at home. Add the DECT dimension to your headset portfolio and enable your customers to break free.


D10 range

The Sennheiser D10 is a series of streamlined wireless DECT headsets connecting directly to the desk phone or softphone to provide uncompromising sound for office professionals.

Sennheiser D10 headset Sennheiser D10 headset zoomed Sennheiser D10 headset with base


DW range

The DW series of DECT headsets provide the ultimate in sound quality and iconic design for demanding business users.

There is a wide range of wearing styles and models to suit the needs of professional users.

Designed for when business demands the best performance.

Features include:-

    • Noise cancelling (DW office variants) and ultra noise cancelling (DW Pro1 and DW Pro 2 variants) microphone for perfect speech clarity
    • Dual connectivity - connects to both desk phone and soft phone / PC
    • Intuitive user interface with answer / end call, microphone mute and volume controls
    • Wireless range of up to 180 m / 590 ft with line of sight and 55m / 180ft in a typical office

Sennheiser DW Mono Headset and base Sennheiser DW Mono Headset Sennheiser DW Stereo Headset and Base


MB 660 Series

Reclaim your office with the new MB660 series headsets, the first professional business headset with adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC)

MB 660


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The full range of headsets and conferencing units are all available to order from Nimans.


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