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Samsung WLAN - Wireless Communications


Samsung WLAN ensures fast, secure and reliable wireless connection in high density, mobile device-centric locations. This expandable technology seamlessly integrates into existing Samsung architecture or can be rolled out across other comms system platforms.

The Samsung WLAN proposition has been developed from the ground up to address the needs of a new mobile generation, offering exceptional performance, ease of installation and network management.

Here at Nimans we are investing in new technologies such as Wi-Fi mapping software that predesigns Wi-Fi solutions - creating a very compelling opportunity for resellers to attack a rapidly expanding area of the market.

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Networking connectivity has helped revolutionise today’s ‘online world’ triggering a new age of high capacity IP-based communication.


From switches & routers to long-range wireless access points, AV panels and Wi-Fi extender plugs, Nimans is your ideal networking supply partner. Open up new ways of working - based on collaboration, network reliability and cutting-edge performance.

Whether you have clients running a small business from their bedroom, or have clients with offices all over the world, Nimans will be able to help. We stock networking solutions to suit all types of businesses, from DSL modems and ADSL modems from top brand names like Zoom, to network cameras and networking storage from Netgear.

We focus on and work with the leading market providers including; Cisco, HP and Netgear and offer the full breadth of solutions as part of a complete end-to-end proposition – including installation and maintenance.

Our aim is to not only find the right networking solution for your company, but also to ensure you get the best price available - all backed up by 100% next day delivery. So whether you’re looking for a gateway, wireless access points, a router or a UPS, we'll be able to help. There’s more to Nimans than you think.

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